[单选题]请阅读短文,完成此题。 We've got it all wrong, says Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecoms tycoon and world's second-richest man: we should be working only three days a week. Attending a business conference inParaguay, Mr. Slim said it was time for a"radical overhaul" of people's working lives. Instead of being able to retire at 50 or 60, he says, we should work until we are older--but take more time off as we do so. "People are going to have to work for more years, until they are 70 or 75, and just work three days a week--perhaps 11 hours a day," he told the conference, according to Paraguay.com newsagency. "With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax for quality of life. Havingfour days(off) would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways ofbeing occupied." The 74-year-old self-made magnate believes that such a move would generate a healthier and more productive labour force, while tackling financial challenges linked to longevity.He is putting his money where his mouth is. In his Tehnex fixed-line phone company in Mexico,where workers on a collective labour contract who joined the company in their late teens areeligible to retire before they are 50, he has instituted a voluntary scheme allowing such workers tokeep working, on full pay, but they only need to work four days a week. Mr. Slim stunned the Mexican business world this month with plans to break up his Am6ricaM6vil empire, selling about a fifth of its assets, in order to avoid regulatory sanctions. Hiscompanies dominate 80 per cent of the fixed-line and 70 per cent of the mobile markets inMexico--above a new 50 per cent threshold. The magnate is a keen strategist and philanthropist,who has often said what he likes to do best is to think. He has cultivated interests outside thecorporate world: his passion for Rodin sculpture and art collecting is evident in the Soumaya museum in Mexico City dedicated to his late wife. Another of his deep-held beliefs is that education should be rethought. He told the conference in Paraguay that it should "not be boring, but should be fun" and should teach people "not to memorize but to reason; not to domesticate but to train". He also called for more vocationaltraining. Mr. Slim, who is at the age of 74 already, meanwhile, appears to have no plans to retire. "Look at who he respects: the (Mexican) banker Manuel Espinosa Yglesias was something of amentor, and he was still working in his late 80s," said Andrew Paxman, a British historian who iswriting a book about Mr. Slim. Which of the following is not the advantage of working three days a week in Mr. Slim's opinion? 查看材料
[单选题]请阅读短文,完成此题。 Back in the old days, when I was a child, we sat around the family round table at dinnertime and exchanged our daily experiences. It wasn't very organized, but everyone was recognized and all the news that had to be told was told by each family member. We listened to each other and the interest was not put-on; it was real. Our family was a unit and we supported each other, and nurtured each other, and liked each other, and--we were even willing to admit--we loved each other. Today, the family round table has moved to the local fast-food restaurant and talk is not easy, much less encouraged. Grandma, who used to live upstairs, is now the voice on long distance, and the working parents far too beaten down each day to spend evening relaxation time listening to the sandbox experience of an eager four-year-old. So family conversation is as extinct as my old toys and parental questions such as "What have you been doing, Bobby?" have been replaced by "I'm busy, go watch television. "And watch TV they do; count them by the millions. But it's usually not children's television that children watch. Saturday morning, the children's hour, amounts to only about 8 percent of their weekly viewing. Where are they to be found? Watching adult television, of course, from the Match Game in the morning, to the afternoon at General Hospital, from the muggings and battles on the evening news right through the family hour and past into Star sky and Hutch. That's where you find our kids, over five million of them, at 10 p.m., not fewer than a million until after midnight! All of this is done with parental permission. Television, used well, can provide enriching experiences for our young people, but we must use it with some sense. When the carpet is clean, we turn off the vacuum cleaner. When the dishes are clean, the dishwasher turns itself off. Not so the television, which is on from the sun in the morning to the moon at night and beyond! Parents must exercise some control and show some concern about the cultural influence on the child when a program not intended for that child is viewed. Parents need to intervene. Nonintervention may be a wise policy in international affairs, but the results of parental nonintervention will not be wise at all. The working parent is not willing to listen to her (his) four-year-old child talking about his sandbox games because she (he) is__________. 查看材料
[单选题]请阅读短文,完成此题。 In recent years, publishers, directors and TV producers have taken a keen interest in popularonline novels, thanks to their originality and solid fan base. Genre is an important factor. According to a survey by Chinese online literature platformCloudary, of t00 online novels whose copyrights were sold by Cloudary for adaption in 2012,modern city novels, historical romances and war stories were the most popular. Online author Liu Chenfeng's best-known novel A Clear Midsummer Night is a love story. Itattracted more than 30 million Web hits and won the top prize in the annual competition forChinese romance novels in 2012. A TV adaption of the book, starred by Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei,was a huge hit when broadcast in 2013. The success of the TV adaption has brought Liu greaterpopularity and more confidence in her writing. "It's as if a feast prepared by me has beenappreciated by numerous diners, which is a great encouragement." Liu says. Literature websites, which are supreme headquarters collecting some outstanding works, haveplayed an important role in this trend. Major websites, such as Qidian.com and Hongxiu.com, whichare owned by Cloudary, have established special branches to help film and TV producers who arelooking for good stories and to deal with copyright licensing. Liu, who has entrusted the literaturewebsite Hongxiu.com to deal with her copyright licensing to TV producers, thinks it makes thingseasier for writers and allows them to focus more on their work. However, many other writers have sought to work closely with film and TV producers and playan active role in the adaption process of their own works. The authors really know the essence oftheir works. To some extent, their working together may produce better films or TV series. Theauthors' unique understanding about the original works is valued by producers and directors. Popular online writer Bao Jingjing worked with director Teng Huatao as the screenwriter forone of her online novels. The movie Love Is Not Blind, adapted from her story, became an instanthit in 2012. Bao graduated from Beijing Film Acadetny with a degree in literature. Her background gaveher extra weight in winning the director's trust. The experience has led Bao on a new career path.She won the award for best adapted screenplay at the d9th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan in 2012. Since then, Bao has adapted another of her writings into a film and a TV series, both directedby Teng. "I am lucky. Now I have a job that I really enjoy," Bao says. While writing novels online,Bao adds that she will consider the possibility of her works being adapted into films or TV, and avoids sentences that might be difficult for actors. Which of the following is not the element that leads to Bao's success? 查看材料
[多选题]Passage 1 These days,many large city buildings are equipped with their own air-conditioning systems.These systems help keep the buildings cool,but they can also damage the environment.Since they?use a lot of electricity,for instance,they contribute indirectly to global warming.In addition,the?water that flows through the systems is often cooled using chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons,or?CFCs,that are believed to damage the Earth′s ozone layer.Recently,though,a system has been?built in the city of Toronto,Canada,that cools buildings with little damage to the environment. In the traditional air-conditioning systems found in most large buildings,water is pumped?through the building in a continuous cycle.The water is first cooled to a temperature of 4℃in?machines called chillers.It is then sent to individual units that cool the air in each room.As the?water flows through the building,it gradually becomes warmer.Finally,it reaches the roof,where it?is left to cool down naturally in a water tower.After that it is returned to the chillers,where the cycle?begins again. Toronto lies on the shore of Lake Ontario,one of North America′s Great Lakes,and the new?system makes use of cold water taken from about 80 meters below the surface of the lake.At this?depth,the water in the lake remains at 4℃all year round.This is exactly the temperature to which?the water in air-conditioning systems is cooled.However,the water from the lake is not pumped?directly into the air-conditioning systems.Instead,it is used to cool the water that is already inside?the air-conditioning systems.After that,the lake water is added to the city′s ordinary water supply. Enwave,the company that developed this deep-lake cooling system,says that it uses 75 percent?less energy than traditional air conditioning.And since no CFCs are used,no damage can be caused?to the ozone layer.Not every city is located next to a large lake,but experts believe that systems like?the one being used in Toronto could be built elsewhere by using other natural sources of cold water. What is one advantage of Enwave′s new system?查看材料
[单选题]请阅读Passage 1。完成第小题。 Passage 1 African elephants have been slaughtered at alarming rate over the past decade, largely because they are the primary source of the world's ivory. Their population has been dwindled from 1.3 million in 1979 to just 625,000 today, and the rate of killing has been accelerating in recent years because many of the older, bigger tusked animals have already been destroyed. "The poachers now must kill times as many elephants to get the same quantity of ivory," explained Curtis Bohlen,Senior vice president of the World Wildlife Fund. Though its record on the environment has been spotty so far, the government last week took the lead in a major conservation issue by imposing a ban on ivory imports into the US. The move came just four days after a consortium of conservation groups, including the World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Conservation International, called for that kind of action, and it made the US the first nation to forbid imports of both raw and finished ivory. The ban, says Bohlen, sends a very clear message to the ivory poachers that the game is over. In the past African nations have resisted an ivory ban, but increasingly they realized that the decimation of the elephant herds poses a serious threat to their tourist business. Last month Tanzania and several other African countries called for an amendment to the 102 nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species that would make the ivory trade illegal worldwide. The amendment is expected to be approved at an October meeting in Geneva and to go into effect next January. But between now and then, conservationists contend, poachers may go on a rampage,killing elephants wholesale, so nations should unilaterally forbid imports right away. The US government brought that argument, and by week's end the twelve nations European Community had followed with its own ban. According to the passage, "dwindle" (Para.1) means__________. 查看材料